Texas Client Living Will and Advance Planning Forms
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Texas Client Living Will and Advance Planning Forms

The number one reason for purchasing insurance is so that you and your family are protected from financial hardship in the tragic event of illness or injury. Our industry developed on the art of planning ahead.  At Angela Johnson Insurance Agency we are dedicated to seeing that your insurance needs are taken care and to keeping you informed of all the options available to you should you suddenly find yourself or a loved one incapacitated.

These following documents allow you to make choices on such details as:

  • The duration and type of medical treatment you are willing to undergo if you are for some reason unable to do so yourself.
  • Appoint a designated agent to act for you in a number of different manners, including performing real estate and insurance transactions.
  • Give a named person the authority to make any and all health care decisions for you in accordance with your wishes -all without having to use an attorney.

Download the DADS Thinking Ahead: My Way, My Choice, My Life at the End workbook.


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