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Greetings all!  At the point of sale, we do a lot in my agency to explain the features and benefits of the insurance policies we offer.

But this weekend I started thinking that we don’t really say too much about the features and benefits of my agency.  So here’s a list of the top reasons you should choose (and keep) us as your local insurance agent (aside from the quality of the products and services we offer <—That one’s a no-brainer).


1. My agency provides local jobs in our community.  8 and growing, to be exact!  Keeping my agency in a neighborhood means that I can employ parents who aren’t driving over an hour to and from work each way.  This enables them to spend much more quality time at home with their families.  I did the hour+ drive in the corporate world for 10 years and it is no fun.  I’m thrilled to be able to live and work in my community, and provide jobs to lots of people who can do the same!


2.  We support other local businesses by doing business with THEM, thereby multiplying our effect.  From printing to eating lunch out to major construction jobs, we spend money with tons of local businesses and plan to keep it that way.  For instance, our new building is by Jacob White Construction, a Friendswood company.


General Contractor: Jacob White Construction Plumber: Sam the Plumber Interior Decorator: REK Furniture Boutique. And many more local subs!

General Contractor: Jacob White Construction
Plumber: Sam the Plumber
Interior Decorator: REK Furniture Boutique
Financing Provided By: Texas First Bank
and many more…


3.  We support the community with donations, sponsorships and our time.  OK, so I’m tooting my own horn here, but how else would you know how dedicated my team is?

SportsDonation EducatorDonation

None of this would be possible without our loyal clients.  On behalf of every employee at Angela Johnson Insurance Agency, Inc, we never take your partnership for granted and appreciate your support over the past 10 years.


PS: Be sure to create your online Farmers account and download our mobile app for 24X7 access to your account, view your policy details, pay bills, view your auto insurance ID card, and more, all from your mobile device!

Click here for more info–>>>> Mobile App


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