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Home Insurance ServicesWe know what matters most to you. Whether you rent or own your home, condominium, or townhouse, we provide the Texas home insurance you need most. You can trust our experience to offer the right insurance to meet your needs.

Why should I have renters, condominium or homeowners insurance?

Insurance gives you the freedom to rest easy. Nothing compares to the peace of mind you get from knowing your home and property is protected in case a covered loss occurs. When a covered loss occurs, your Farmers home insurance will rebuild your home and replace your belongings.

The most common types of Texas home insurance coverage include:

  • Dwelling – With few exceptions, our homes are our single largest and most valuable investment. Our policies cover your dwelling used as a private residence, including attached structures.
  • Separate Structures – Covers separate structures on the premises that are either separated from the home, or attached to the home by a fence, utility line or breezeway.
  • Personal Liability – Pays damage from an incident in which an insured is legally liable to pay because of bodily injury or property damage. The incident must be covered by your policy and will pay up to the policy limit. This covers defending an insured against a covered claim or lawsuit.
  • Guest Medical – Should bodily injury occur, your policy will pay the required medical expenses incurred by the invited guest at your home up to the policy limits.
  • Personal Property – Most of us never stop to consider the cost of replacing all our furniture, clothing, appliances, and home electronics, but the out-of-pocket cost to replace all of these items at once would be overwhelming. Whether you own a home, condo, townhouse or you rent, your Texas home insurance will provide coverage for your personal belongings and the contents of your home owned or used by an insured anywhere in the world.
  • Loss of Use – For a homeowner after a covered loss, Additional Living Expenses are paid when a dwelling becomes uninhabitable, and the homeowner must move out while repairs are made. For a landlord after a covered loss, Loss Of Rent is paid when a rented dwelling becomes uninhabitable, and a tenant must move out while repairs are made.
  • Personal Liability – If someone is injured on your property or you cause damage to someone else’s property, you could be held legally responsible to pay for the injury or damage. Texas home insurance provides you with liability and personal protection coverage.

All of these types of coverage apply up to the limits of the insurance coverage you have purchased.

What would happen if I didn’t have insurance? If you have a mortgage on your home, your mortgage company will require you to carry home insurance. If you don’t secure an insurance policy, they will put a lender-placed policy on your mortgage that is much more than you would pay if securing the coverage on your own.
If you don’t have a mortgage or insurance protection, the cost of rebuilding your home, replacing your belongings, and protecting yourself from liability rests entirely on your shoulders.

What would you do if your home was destroyed by a tornado or fire? Most of us do not have the $500,000 (or more) that it would cost to clean up, rebuild your home and replace all your belongings.

If someone was injured on your property, they could sue you for damages and injury expenses. Legal judgments in such cases could exceed $1,000,000. Without the right insurance, you could lose everything.

Insurance provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected from disasters and unforeseen events. We all hope such things never happen to us or our families, but we are here to help if they do. Contact Houston home insurance Agent Angela Johnson to discuss the right protection for you and your home.




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