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Have you noticed rust on items in your garage?

A few years ago, I took my bicycle in for service.  I noticed rust on it, which I briefly considered while loading it into the car, but I really didn’t give it much thought. When my husband and I went back to pick it up, the technician asked why it was “so rusty?” Embarrassing!  I said I really didn’t know.  Then he asked if we have a pool, and if we keep the chemicals in the garage.

Light bulb!  My husband and I started remembering a few items in the garage that were mysteriously rusted.  A quick comment from a Bike Barn employee helped so much.  So now I’m passing the tip on to you!

Chlorine, shock, and other pool chemicals are just that.  Chemicals.  Therefore, be very careful when storing or using them.  Here are some good suggestions: “The Ultimate Guide to Storing Pool Chemicals

Don’t store your pool chemicals in your garage with any other items inside.  The chemical fumes will rust everything, like this:-(


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