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Business Insurance ServicesYou have worked so hard to realize your dream of owning your own business. Being your own boss can give you a profound sense of freedom and pride in your accomplishments, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing this for years, Texas insurance agent Angela Johnson can help you develop a package that is customized to the needs of your business and budget. Business Auto Owning your own business creates a special set of operational and protection requirements. If your business owns or operates vehicles, Business Auto insurance can provide coverage for your business’ unique needs. Business-Life Insurance If something happened to you, what would become of your business? You can help make sure your dream and your business live on by looking into a Business-Life insurance policy. Crime Finding your business involved in a lawsuit because someone used a client’s credit card is something you hoped would never happen to your business. As carefully as you screen and train your employees, there’s only so much you can do. Crime coverage can protect your business from acts of dishonesty. General Liability If a customer is injured during a visit to your business, you could be legally responsible for a costly medical bill. General Liability insurance includes liability protection and covers personal, contractual, and advertising injury. Sole Proprietorship Life Insurance What if something happened to you and your business still had a great deal of debt? With Sole Proprietorship Life Insurance, you can make sure your estate is protected. Partnership Life Insurance If your business is a partnership, you want it to continue for the entire time you own your business. If something unforeseen happened to one partner, you need insurance protection to help survive the loss. Partnership Life insurance offers you the coverage you need. Property Coming to work early one morning you found that your business property had been vandalized overnight. But because you planned ahead and had Property insurance customized to fit your needs, your business was able to be open and running quickly, practically without missing a beat. Surety Bond Program Surety Bond Programs create a contract for fulfilling an obligation, giving businesses the opportunity to grow in ways that would be impossible without such a program. Small Business Workers Compensation Insurance On the job injuries can create an employer a lot of hassle, costing them both time and money. Workers Compensation for small businesses provides Texas insurance coverage for these kinds of losses. When determining what insurance policy is best for your business, there are many variables to consider. The Texas insurance needs of a restaurant, for example, are very different than those of auto repair shop. Speaking with an agent to review the overall needs of your business is crucial. Contact Houston, Texas Insurance agent Angela Johnson to learn more.


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